VitroCom fabricates a complete line of high-quality Square Glass Tubing drawn into various sizes. We can supply custom lengths and bending of the square tubing to your specifications. If you are looking for something unique, our team of experts can create custom solutions to meet your needs. We have a wide range of capabilities, including the ability to produce square glass vials in a variety of sizes. We can also provide custom bending and lengths to meet your specific requirements.

  • Standard Wall Tolerances; +/- 20%
  • Standard ID Tolerances;
    • < 1    mm  +/- 10%
    • 1-5    mm  +/- 5%
    • 5-20  mm  +/- 2%
    • > 20  mm  +/- 1%
Square Tubing Template

  • Standard glass types are. Borosilicate
  • Standard Lengths; 300 mm and 600 mm
  • Standard End Finish; Snap Cut Products S102, S103, and S105 – All other Products are Saw Cut

Choose from our Standard Product list below or design your own and choose: Sizes, Length, Tolerances, Glass Type (Borosilicate, Clear Fused Quartz, Synthetic Fused Silica, or Other), and End Finish (Snap Cut, Saw Cut, Lapped Ends, Fire Polished Ends, or One End Sealed) using our Square Tubing Template.