Round Miniature Hollow Glass Tubing (VitroTubes™) is available with a broad combination of inner and outer diameters. They also come in plastic vials for easy handling and storage. VitroTubes™ are the quickest, most straightforward way to collect and store liquid samples while still providing you with a clean sample that can be easily viewed. The capillary action draws the sample up instantly and it can be saved for future reference by simply fusing or cementing the open ends. These round, hollow tubes are perfect for anyone who needs to take quick liquid samples and store them for later.

You can choose from our standard round hollow tube list below or design your own. Choose your selected size, length, tolerances, glass type, and end Finish using our Tubing Template and create your perfect custom tubing today.

Round Tubing Template

  • Standard Tolerances; 10% ID and 10% OD
  • Standard glass types are; Borosilicate, Clear Fused Quartz, and Synthetic Fused Silica.
  • Standard Lengths; 100 mm, 300 mm, and 600 mm
  • Standard End Finish; Snap Cut
  • Choose from our Standard Product list below or design your own and choose: Sizes, Length, Tolerances,
  • Glass Type (Borosilicate, Clear Fused Quartz, Synthetic Fused Silica, or Other), and End Finish (Snap Cut, Saw Cut, Lapped Ends, Fire Polished Ends, or One End Sealed) using our