VitroCom supplies medical and life science R&D facilities with exceptionally clear and high-precision products — including medical glass tubing. We also offer glass slides small enough to aid in fertility testing or counting antibodies, along with larger slides custom manufactured for specific machines.

We fabricate miniature, ultra-precise slides (hollow, rectangular capillaries) and tubing for the exact requirements of biomedical applications. These products are typically prototyped from unique specifications and are initially produced in very small volumes. Larger, more economical production runs often follow.

Specific capabilities include:

  • Micro-tubing to 100 millimeter/10 centimeter cross-sections
  • Single, multiple and non-circular bores
  • Laser-based measurement systems for spec verification, reporting.

Medical products include:

  • Microslides (VITROTUBES)
  • Cells
  • Cuvettes
  • Precision Bore Tubing
  • Noncircular Multibore Tubing
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