VitroCom manufactures ultra-high precision Borosilicate and Clear Fused Quartz ferrules with micron tolerances for fiber optic devices. VitroCom’s capability to draw precision bore glass tubing, coupled with proprietary technology, enables us to meet the most demanding requirements. Ferrules may be modified to customer specifications and cut to specific lengths with specific end finishes using our templates below or submitting your own drawing. With over 50 years’ experience in glass fabrication, state-of-the-art equipment, and a highly qualified staff of Engineers and Technicians, VitroCom is ready to meet your most demanding requirements or simply order for our stock selections below.

Fiber Optic Glass Ferrules

ProductBore Size (mm)Center to Center (mm)OD (mm)Pcs / Pack
DB-127-1800-150-B (Double Bore)0.1270.1501.80050
DB-127-1800-250-B (Double Bore)0.1270.2501.80050
DB-127-2000-150-B (Double Bore)0.1270.1502.00050
DB-127-2000-250-B (Double Bore)0.1270.2502.00050
ProductBore Height (mm)Bore Width (mm)OD (mm)Pcs / Pack
RB-082-1800-B (Rectangle Bore)0.0820.1641.80050
RB-082-2000-B (Rectangle Bore)0.0820.1642.00050
RB-127-1800-B (Rectangle Bore)0.1270.2541.80050
RB-127-2000-B (Rectangle Bore)0.1270.2542.00050
ProductBore Height (mm)Bore Width (mm)OD (mm)Pcs / Pack
RT-082-1800-B (RaceTrack Bore)0.0820.1641.80050
RT-082-2000-B (RaceTrack Bore)0.0820.1642.00050
RT-127-1800-B (RaceTrack Bore)0.1270.2541.80050
RT-127-2000-B (RaceTrack Bore)0.1270.2542.00050
ProductBore Size (mm)   OD (mm)Pcs / Pack
SB-127-1800-B (Single Bore)0.127   1.80050
SB-127-2000-B (Single Bore)0.127   2.00050
SB-254-1800-B (Single Bore)0.254   1.80050
SB-254-2000-B (Single Bore)0.254   2.00050
ProductSquare Bore (mm)   OD (mm)Pcs / Pack
SQ-127-1800-B (Square Bore)0.127   1.80050
SQ-127-2000-B (Square Bore)0.127   2.00050
SQ-254-1800-B (Square Bore)0.254   1.80050
SQ-254-2000-B (Square Bore)0.254   2.00050