custom clear fused quartz glass substrate

Custom Clear Fused Quartz glass substrates and components are precision drawn for use in fiber optic applications and/or component packaging and can be manufactured in various configurations per a customer’s drawing/specification. Applications can be for fiber support and/or alignment purposes, or for isolating fiber within the package. Extremely tight tolerances, typically in microns, are achieved by VitroCom’s proprietary technologies and processes, and our expertise in manufacturing non-circular and irregular configurations.

Please specify tolerances on all dimensions but keep in mind that tolerances are proportional to the overall size of the piece. For example: If a component with an outer diameter of 3.50mm is required the dimensional tolerance could be in the range of +/- 0.050 to 0.150mm; if the component has an outer diameter of 1.00 mm then the corresponding tolerance could be approximately +/- 0.010 to 0.025mm. Let us know your tolerance requirements and we will provide you with tolerance ranges that are possible or will try to achieve certain tolerances on best effort basis. Please contact us for a substrate custom quote.

Contact us for a custom quote or to discuss your particular product requirements. We’re at your service.

Fiber Optic Substrate 1

fiber optic substrate 1 diagram with lettering

Fiber Optic Substrate 2

fiber optic substrate 2 diagram with lettering

Fiber Optic Substrate 3

fiber optic substrate 3 diagram with lettering
  • A = Maximum Width of Groove, +/- Tolerance
  • B = Minimum Width of Groove, +/- Tolerance
  • C = Overall Diameter +/- Tolerance
  • D = Length of Piece +/- Tolerance
  • E = Depth of Groove +/- Tolerance
  • F = Distance Between Bottom of Groove
  • G = Major Axis of Outer Piece +/- Tolerance
  • H = Minor Axis of Outer Piece +/- Tolerance
  • I = Angle Specifications (max./min.)

NOTE 1: Specify shape requirements such as full-radiused, parallel sides, right angle sides, tapered, etc.

Also Include:

  • Glass Type
  • Concentricity Specifications
  • Ground and/or Polished Surfaces